4314 Boron Dr.  Covington, KY 41015


Totter's Otterville

A village of play, Discovery & fun 


May 1st - 5th

Times: 11:00a.m. & 1:30p.m.

We get together in small groups and put a variety of puzzles together! Great mind  expanding program which will help us develop our fine  motor and social skills.

Celebrate Spring

May 8th - 12th

Times: 11:00a.m. & 1:30p.m.

To celebrate  the Spring Season we will start with a story about a Very Hungry Caterpillar. We will then make a caterpillar and a butterfly craft just like the ones in the *story.*

Dora the Explorer Fun Activity Day

May 15th - 19th

Times: 11:00a.m. & 1:30p.m. 

Dora invites you to go on an Otterville adventure.  Dora's map will help us find our way.  We will begin with story time, followed by preparing our very own backpack friends! Our exploration will begin by reading our map to find Dora's way around Otterville.  Unfortunately Dora herself will not ***be present. 

Spring Gardening

May 22nd - 26th

Times: 11:00a.m. & 1:30p.m. 
Learn about plants, how they grow and what they need to grow. Decorate your own planter, add soil and seeds to take home and care for. 


May 29th - June 2nd

Times: 11:00a.m. & 1:30p.m.

Learn all about Totter and his family, the River Otter.  We'll learn where the river otter lives and eats.  We will finish up making our own river otter puppet, just like Totter the Otter.

Programs & Events

Dr. Seuss's birthday celebration

March 6th - 10th

Times: 11:00a.m. & 1:30p.m.

The celebration will begin with a different Seussville story every day!  We'll make our own hat, just like the cat in the hat, how about that! We'll color Seussville pictures and enjoy a birthday treat while singing Happy Birthday, won't that be neat!

St. Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt

March 13th - 17th

Times: 11:00a.m & 1:30p.m.

We'll make a pot to collect our gold in, dress up like a ***leprechaun and go on a scavenger hunt to search for our missing gold.

Music Makers

March 20th - 24th.

Times: 11:00a.m &1:30p.m.

We start with a fun music story and song, then we'll make a great musical instrument while listening to fun sing-a-long songs! 1 instrument per session will be made, Instruments will vary per session.


March 27th - 31st.  

Times: 11:00a.m. & 1:39p.m.

Hear a story and sing a song about stars.  We will then make a spectacular, sparkling star to take home and display.  We will also get to name our stars just like real scientists do!!


April 3rd - 7th.

Times: 11:00a.m. & 1:30p.m.

We'll gather together to listen to stories from Thomas the Tank and friends, then we'll make  a train ourselves out of construction paper.  We'll get to decorate and design our own trains any way we want.

Easter Celebration

April 10th - 14th.

Times: 11:00a.m. & 1:30p.m.

Join us for some Easter time fun!  We'll dress up like an Easter bunny, make an Easter basket, and then go on an Easter egg hunt!!

Weather Wonders

April 17th - 21st

Times: 11:00a.m. & 1:30p.m.

Discover the interesting world of weather. We will be making an art project, listening to a story, making a weather book to take home, and learning new and interesting things about the weather.  

Friendship Party

April 24th - 28th.

Times: 11:00a.m. & 1:30p.m.

Join us for a friendship party!  Bring a friend with you or make new friends at the party.We will listen to a story about friendship, share a snack with all of our friends, and make a friendship bracelet or necklace to remember our new and old friends we met at *the party.

Totter's Otterville hosts a series of programs and events throughout the week as well as a daily art project in the art studio.  Below are the calendar of art projects as well as the program event dates and times.

All programs are free with general admission into Otterville.

There is limited space for all programs, you must sign up as you are entering Otterville. 

Pre-Registrations/Reservations are not accepted on programs

You may only sign up children entering Otterville, please do not sign up children who have not arrived yet

Group programs available upon request with the booking of a group event at Otterville.  

Please call (859)491-1441 for more info and details on group events